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Mark Wahlberg Was The Choice for Green Lantern For DC Producer Charles Roven

Mark Wahlberg has been a popular name in the DCEU fandom these days, especially after his instagram picture of himself shirtless with headshots of the cast of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And it seems, they aren't the only ones considering him. Charles Roven, producer of most of DCEU films and the Nolan Trilogy, is rumoured to have wanted Wahlberg for the role of Hal Jordan.

Popular news/fan blog Revenge of the Fans Mario-Francisco Robles is rumored to have Wahlberg in mind for Green Lantern since 2016. Back then, Green Lantern Corps was set for a 2020 release date which would have been written by Man of Steel writer David Goyer. Since the DCEU has been getting a massive overhaul following the disappointing performance of Justice League, we have little to no information about the film other than it is still in the works and is reported to described as "Lethal Weapon in space". Now before we get excited as Roven has some influence in the DCEU, Revenge of the Fans isn’t particularly known being reliable.

All that said, having Mark Wahlberg in the DCEU would be definitely be interesting. Wahlberg's upcoming movie Mile 22 is set for release this Friday on August 17, 2018.

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