New Details From DC’s Upcoming ‘Stargirl’ Series

DC has a lot in stored for their fans these coming years. With DCEU and the success of the Arrowverse on The CW, DC is continuing their success with launching many new shows - one of which will center around Courtney Whitmore AKA Stargirl. The casting for show has begun and that gave us fans more details about the upcoming show.

The Hashtag Show reports that the series is looking towards an 18 year old to lead the series as the titular character. Ethnicity isn't going to restricted for this casting with is always nice to hear. However, Stargirl is known for her blonde hair and blue eyes given that the character is known as the Star-Spangled Girl. The character is described as "an intelligent, compassionate and athletic young woman."

The series is looking to cast an 18+-year-old actress, of any ethnicity, to play a 15-year-old Courtney. Described as an intelligent, compassionate and athletic young woman, Courtney is witty as well as an incredible kind individual who is living a perfect teenage life in Los Angeles, California. However, her life is completely changed when her mom gets married. Because of this, Courtney is forced to leave her life in L.A. behind as she moves to Blue Valley, Nebraska with Courtney’s mom’s new husband and his family. While she struggles to adjust to life in Nebraska, from attending a new school to living with a step-family, Courtney’s life is forever changed when she discovers that her stepdad has a big secret. He used to be a superhero’s sidekick and Courtney takes it upon herself to “borrow” this superhero’s cosmic staff which leads Courtney to become a surprising inspiration as she leads a brand new generation of superheroes!

Stargirl is a big project for Geoff Johns given that he not only created the character, but he based it off his sister of the same name who sadly died in the explosion of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. The character made her debut in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #1 (1999). This will also be the third live-action adapation of the character following Smallville (Britt Irvin) and Legends of Tomorrow (Sarah Grey). Johns has been understandably wanting to do this show for quite awhile. However, due to his commitments with the DCEU as well as him overseeing many projects in the DC Comics, the project was delayed.

We're handling casting the show very carefully... I'll be looking for somebody who embodies that energetic spirit, and a kindness, to what the character is and how they're portraying her. And someone that's really fun, that can chew bubble gum while kicking ass. And someone young, because we're going to go with a younger take on the character. She's about sixteen.

Stargirl will be a part of the original shows released under the DC Streaming App, DC Universe. Other shows in the app will include TitansDoom PatrolSwamp Thing, Harley Quinn, and the highly anticipated return of Young Justice. DC Universe is reportedly launching sometime in the Fall with Titans being the first original series to be released under the new streaming service.

While there is no news about when Stargirl will be released, it is safe to assume a premiere date sometime in late 2019.

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