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New Wonder Woman 84 Set Pictures Featuring Kristen Wiig

Few details are known about the upcoming 'Wonder Woman' sequel, that includes Pedro Pascal's character or even what the film is going to revolve around. All we know so far is that 'Wonder Woman 84' will be set in 1984 and will feature Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva AKA Cheetah. New set pictures have emerged showing Kristen Wiig's character fending off an aggressive attacker.

Given the many iterations of Cheetah across the many DC continuities, I am eager to find out which direction Patty Jenkins is taking with the character. It is reported that she will be starting out as friends with Diana. This direction will likely be an adaptation of the New 52 origin for Barbara. With Aquaman adapting the Geoff Johns' New 52 origins for this December's solo film starring Jason Momoa, it wouldn't surprise me that Jenkins would do the same.

New 52 Origin

Barbara Minerva was an archeologist who became Wonder Woman's first friend, her best friend, before becoming Cheetah. Wonder Woman believed that her transformation into Cheetah after being cut by God-Killer Knife was an accident and blamed herself for it, taking it upon herself to help her. However, with the help of the Justice League, it was revealed that Minerva was not the person Diana believed her to be.

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'Wonder Woman 84' is scheduled for release on November 1, 2019.

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