Attack From the 5th Dimension


Superman comes face to face with the Multitude where he uncovers the truth behind the origins of this mysterious creature Vyndktvx that threatens to wreck havoc on all of time and reality.

Reading Order

1. Action Comics (Vol 2) #14
2. Action Comics (Vol 2) #15
3. Action Comics (Vol 2) #16
4. Action Comics (Vol 2) #17
5. Action Comics (Vol 2) #18


Morrison's arc comes to an end with Attack From the 5th Dimension and I'm honestly unsure I'm not unhappy about it. While Morrison manages to deliver some impression story arcs - such as The Phantom Dog and Legion Aid, there is really nothing particularly satisfying about this concluding arc. As it is, each of the prior arcs are very different from each other - tackle vastly different stories with very different villains, in an attempt to connect them with this mysterious creature Vyndktvx as the sinister mastermind out to destroy the Man of Steel. Unfortunately, Attack From the 5th Dimension just isn't compelling enough to make everything coherent.

Majority of the story arc deals with Vyndktvx's motivations for attacking Superman, as well as his villainous origin story. Vyndtvx was originally a court magician that was able to make the King of Zrfff happy after the death of his wife, and for that he was praised by many - until Mxyzptlk showed up and stole his thunder. Jealousy grew in him which caused him to accidently kill the King in an attempt to kill Mxyzptlk. Killing Superman is part of him getting rid of evidence that could possibly incriminate him. If all that didn't quite interest you or made any sense at all, you're not alone. While the idea of a 5th dimension villainous character isn't particularly new, given previous pre-52 stories involving Mxyzptlk, a character most of us are familiar with, the complex character came across ironically simple. His motivations, his actions, and even his defeat were anything but interesting or logical for that matter. Then again, this is a fifth dimension creature they are dealing so I suppose logic isn't something we should expect from the story.

Bringing back the Legion of Superheroes and the Wanderers, who were introduced earlier in the series, to help Superman defeat Vyndktvx and his team proved how much of a threat the villains were. Unfortunately, both teams were severely underutilized. At different points in time, the Legion helps save Superman and guides him towards his battle with the imp and they end up at the hospital bed of Mr. Triple X, the host body of Mxyzptlk, where they, other then being spectators to the reveal that Ms. Nyxly is still alive, did nothing else significant. Unlike the Legion, the Wanderers proved their strength and that they are allies of Superman as they help the Man of Steel and Krypto defeat the K-men, allowing Clark to come up with a plan to both defeat Superdoom and Vyndktvx.

Despite the lack luster main story, Walker and Morales delivered fantastic artwork. They effectively captured the severity of the situation, as well as captured the essence of smaller characters such as Lois, Jimmy and the Legion in the few frames that they are in. While some of the facial expressions do come across a little over exaggerated, it is nothing I can't look pass. Action frames were particularly well-done giving us a detailed fight giving each character adequate time to shine. While I didn't particularly like the way Morrison ended his run of Action Comics (Vol 2), it is certainly a unique take on the history a familiar villain.

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Review Summary 'Attack From the 5th Dimension' is as messy as it sounds, but its artwork is strong enough to keep readers interested in the story. Although lackluster, it is certainly a unique take on a familiar Superman villain.

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