1. Superman (Vol 3) #13
2. Superboy (Vol 6) #14
3. Supergirl (Vol 6) #14
4. Superman (Vol 3) #14
5. Superboy (Vol 6) #15
6. Supergirl (Vol 6) #15
7. Superman (Vol 3) #15
8. Superboy (Vol 6) #16
9. Supergirl (Vol 6) #16
10. Superboy (Vol 6) Annual #1 (2013)
11. Superman (Vol 3) #16
12. Superboy (Vol 6) #17
13. Supergirl (Vol 6) #17
14. Superman (Vol 3) #17


When a once thought extinct Kryptonian beast attacks Metropolis, Supergirl starts to question if Superman can be trusted and if Krypton is really gone. Eager to return back to Krypton and see her family, Kara sides herself with H'El, a Kryptonian explorer who claims to have been mentored by Jor-El. However, Superman has already grown to accept the fate of his homeworld and with the help of the Justice League, they have to stop H'El's plan and convince Supergirl that she's on the wrong side.

Review Overview

Review Summary The first Superman Family crossover in the New 52 forces characters that pretty much hate each other together to combat a Kryptonian villain. However, dealing with cosmic forces and that the arc doesn't promote much developments for their relationships leaves much to be desired. Other than Superboy's growth and having a relatively interesting story, 'H'El on Earth' is rather forgettable.

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