Red Daughter of Krypton

Red Daughter of Krypton


Dropped on a new planet, finding out her planet has been destroyed and there’s nothing she can do about it, betrayed by a man she loved and had her body destroyed. Supergirl finally snapped, attracting one of the Red Lantern rings that Atrocitus sent out. Supergirl, now a Red Lantern, must yet again, adjust to new powers, new truths and new friends. Facing off alien armies and confronting Atrocitus as a Red Lantern, Supergirl learns to appreciate the power to rage and starts to understanding herself more as she grows to accept the things that has happened.

Reading Order

  • Supergirl (Vol 6) #28
  • Supergirl (Vol 6) #29
  • Red Lanterns (Vol 1) #28
  • Red Lanterns (Vol 1) # #29
  • Supergirl (Vol 6) #30
  • Red Lanterns (Vol 6) #30
  • Supergirl (Vol 6) #31
  • Red Lanterns (Vol 6) #31
  • Red Lanterns (Vol 6) #32
  • Supergirl (Vol 6) #32
  • Supergirl (Vol 6) #33
Brian Dyann

Brian is a casual reviewer for DC and Marvel properties for ComixCavern. He is an aspiring mathematician and chemist. In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding and hiking.

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