Reading Order

1. Supergirl (Vol 6) #28
2. Supergirl (Vol 6) #29
3. Green Lanterns (Vol 1) #28
4. Red Lanterns (Vol 1) #28
5. Red Lanterns (Vol 1) # #29
6. Supergirl (Vol 6) #30
7. Red Lanterns (Vol 6) #30
8. Supergirl (Vol 6) #31
9. Red Lanterns (Vol 6) #31
10. Red Lanterns (Vol 6) #32
11. Supergirl (Vol 6) #32
12. Supergirl (Vol 6) #33


Dropped on a new planet, finding out her planet has been destroyed and there's nothing she can do about it, betrayed by a man she loved and had her body destroyed. Supergirl finally snapped, attracting one of the Red Lantern rings that Atrocitus sent out. Supergirl, now a Red Lantern, must yet again, adjust to new powers, new truths and new friends. Facing off alien armies and confronting Atrocitus as a Red Lantern, Supergirl learns to appreciate the power to rage and starts to understanding herself more as she grows to accept the things that has happened.

Review Overview

Review Summary 'Red Daughter of Krypton' is the inevitable conclusion to Supergirl's introductory arc into the New 52 Universe. The writers bring strong development for Kara while not pushing the Red Lanterns to the side. This is as much a Red Lanterns story as a Supergirl one. The balance between these two vastly different series is exactly why this story arc is such a success.

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