The Culling. Harvest's version of the Hunger Games pits teenage metahumans against each other, with the ultimate prize of joining his Ravagers... and staying alive. The Teen Titans' attempt to save Superboy and stop Harvest landed them in the middle of the battlefield. Together with the Legion of Young Titans as well as some new friends, these young heroes must find a way to survive and defeat Harvest, but they soon learn that there's a reason why he has been so successful and so powerful.

Reading Order

1. Superboy Vol. 6 #8
2. Legion Lost Vol. 2 #8
3. Teen Titans Vol. 4 #8
4. Teen Titans Vol. 4 Annual #1 (2012)
5. Superboy Vol. 6 #9
6. Legion Lost Vol. 2 #9
7. Teen Titans Vol. 4 #9

Review Overview

Review Summary The Culling is a refreshing take on the way writers introduces new characters and reestablish the more seasoned characters to new readers. Strong characters and a compelling villain, however, is not able to make up for the convoluted story that took a rather long time to establish itself.

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